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The idea behind RHINESTONE is based on narratives and events. Both picture reality perfectly. Both form the scenographic horizon of our very lives, the ground on which we work. In the flow of time we call "life" though, facts are established by communication. The reality of our world needs to be jointly produced, as it were, by us all.

The process of understanding starts on the ground of narratives and events, always having the objective in mind to firmly establish a world we understand and can rely on. This is a joint effort of mankind, one in which "my life" is always embedded in "our lives". No one is an island. Or as someone said, long ago: All true life is encounter.

Being thoroughly aware of all this, RHINESTONE offers an outstanding capability of not just creating "communication" but of putting in scene what we all aim at: fellowship and understanding. - All the rest comes while we are "on the way". Together.

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